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Health & Wellness

More and more people are interested in healthier snacks. According to a 2010 study by the Snack Food Association about 74% of consumers are trying to eat healthier, with about 65% eating specific foods to lose weight.

A key strategy for the prevention of obesity is improving access to healthy foods and beverages while eating away from home, particularly among selections in vending machines. Tips for encouraging the consumption of healthier products:

  • Put healthier products at eye level instead of at the bottom of a vending machine.

  • Educate vending patrons about product changes and offer taste tests to find out which healthier products work best in different facilities. Download a copy of our Healthi-Vend publication here.

  • Price healthier options less than unhealthy options.

  • Include promotional language and graphics on the vending machines that direct patrons to healthier choices.
Vending Snack Guide Pyramid
Gumball Machine

So What are Healthier Options?

You can also click below to download a few lists that we put together that meet the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) vending machine standards. The lists do not contain every product that meets the standards, but offer a sense of what type of healthier products can be placed in vending machines. The NANA standards and additional resources on healthier food choices can be found here.

Healthier Vending Snack Options.

Healthier Vending Beverage Options.

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