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Managed Programs – Benefit to You!

by Samantha Hadden

As many companies quickly adapt to the changing business climate it can be difficult to remember all the fine details and perks your employees rely on to help their day go smoothly. Add in a business with multiple locations and those employee perks like a refreshment program can easily fall through the cracks. If your business is transitioning back into the office, it might be time to consider adding a managed program to help manage those fine details and keep a consistent program available across multiple locations. At National Vending, when you work with us, you receive more benefits than a quality refreshment program.

Customized and Cohesive

No matter what location you’re in, our service partners can create customized programs to match the needs of your business. Whether you’re looking for a variety of items from healthy to traditional or a solid mix of both, we can work with you and the service partner to find the right selection of goods. Not only can we help create a customized solution, but our services can also replicate a specialized program across multiple locations. Gone are the days of tracking down service partners for each location, leave that to us.

Quality Customer Service

In the age of automated helplines, it can be frustrating not to speak with a representative for help. When you work with us, your customers, employees, and patrons can easily call the customer service number, listed on every machine or market and be connected with a person who will assist them with any issues they are facing. Have a call after regular business hours? No worries, leave a message and a representative will get back to you within 24 hours to assist.

Easy Reporting for Multiple Locations

One of the biggest perks of working with a management company is the hassle-free solution it offers! From monthly reports on sales from each program to detailed bills and account reviews, it’s easy to understand how much your machines are making each month. Need more information about a specific location? No worries, it’s as easy as giving us a call and sending over the report. Working with a management company allows you to focus on the bigger picture and still get all the details when you need them.

Working with a management company is one of the best ways to control your refreshment programs without having to invest the time and effort you typically would finding vendors, coordinating the installation, and managing the account moving forward.