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Safe Refreshment Programs

by Samantha Hadden

As companies slowly return to their offices and life feels a bit like it’s going back to pre-pandemic normal. It can be overwhelming to ensure your employees are safe and supported with the resources they need. Thankfully we can help your employees ease back into office life with a safe and updated refreshment program that is customized to fit their needs. 

Managed Programs 

If your company has multiple locations, adding a refreshment program that is cohesive across the country can be difficult and time-consuming. Unless you work with a vending management company that specializes in high-quality programs that focus on keeping your employees and patrons safe and refreshed. Our management programs can help ensure your locations are safely restocked by trusted service providers. If your company has a special protocol for suppliers, we can work with you to make sure our service provides follow those rules. 

Power of Technology

Gone are the days of ensuring you have bills and coins on hand to purchase a refreshment from the vending machine. Now with technology like Apple Pay, Google pay and debit, and credit card readers, patrons can make purchases with ease. This can also help keep employees and patrons safe by minimizing contact with high-touch surface areas.  

Expanding your Refreshment Program Safely

Working with a vending management company like National Vending means your company can safely expand beyond traditional snack and beverage vending machines. Our services include micro-markets, coffee, and water systems as well as pantry services but with an emphasis on safety. Self-checkout options, pay with phone programs and more are all available. Slowly integrating your employees back into the workforce? We can work with changing deadlines to ensure your employees and patrons on-site have the refreshments they need when they need them. 

Customized Product selection

You read that right, while we know what really sells in a vending machine, we’re able to customize the selection to fit the cravings your employees have. Want to offer more healthy snacks or a few non-traditional items in your micro-market? No worries, just let us know how we can customize your program to keep your employees coming back for more. 

Working with a Vending management company means you have one phone call to make when you have questions about your service or what is offered. It also means your service is customized to fit the safety requirements your business has. We look forward to working with you to create a safe and customized program.