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10 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs a Professionally Managed Vending Program

by Samantha Hadden

A Vending Management Program is the best choice for your workplace   

Life is all about convenience. The easier your life is, the more productive you can be. Today, many professionals skip a meal or two to make room for crushing deadlines. But this is not a healthy practice and it affects their focus and productivity. A study was conducted by OnePoll for Evolution Fresh with 2000 Americans. About two-thirds of their working respondents (64%) said they skip meals due to their busy work schedules.

Managed vending machines are an excellent benefit for your employees who skip meals. While a vending machine offers good alternatives to bringing meals to work or running to the nearby cafe for a snack, it offers the expected service only when properly maintained. 

Once you purchase a vending machine, it benefits people only if it is topped up with refreshments whenever required. It would frustrate hungry people to go to the vending machine only to see it empty or with expired food. Relatable? Or, people in your organization are spending too much time making sure the vending machines are serving employees that they don’t have enough time to accomplish their tasks? This is exactly what vending management is about; to make the vending experience as reliable and convenient as possible.   

Ten Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs a Vending Management Program    

A vending machine is efficient when its maintenance is excellent. A professionally managed vending program helps you focus on your core business while leveraging ancillary revenue through your vending machines. Suppose your business has branches across the country. And you have planned to provide vending machines for your employees and customers. This process is tedious and requires a great deal of your time.    

There is also the challenge of keeping up with service issues and commissions for vendors. A vending management program eradicates this hassle by taking care of all that work for you. It handles the whole process from beginning to end, including:   

· Coordinating installation of the vending machines   

· Providing reports and commission checks    

· Offering customer service support for service requests     

A professionally managed vending program provides many other benefits for your workplace as well. 

Increased Productivity   

It is well-known that skipping food is dangerous to health. It leads to over-eating when taking the next meal, and it also diminishes concentration. Employees who miss their meals are not as healthy and as productive in the long-run. Vending machines are a fantastic way for employees to get a quick bite to eat while staying at your organization’s location and continuing to work, without having to skip a meal.  

More Convenience   

A professionally managed vending machine near the office helps your employee have a quick snack before work. They don’t have to be concerned about remembering to bring food or snacks from home. And they don’t have to race across the street to a hotdog stand minutes before a meeting. They have access to the vending machine, which is like a genie, to give them all the nourishment they need!  

Free Survey and Installation 

A fully managed vending service promises zero hassle and comes with a free site survey and installation. This means professional vendor operators will visit you before installation to ensure all bases are covered.

Hassle-Free Service   

The vending management company has you fully covered. From installation of the vending machines to maintenance, stocking, and cash removal – the team will ensure a seamless experience that will meet your needs and expectations.

A Healthier Option   

A vending machine is not always about junk food. Gone are the days when a vending machine only meant soda, chips, and sugary treats. These days, you can choose anything from a vending machine, including fresh fruits! Offering food that enhances focus is an amazing way to keep your workers productive, healthy and happy.   

Professionally Scheduled Visits   

If you face any issues, you can schedule a visit from your vendor operator at your convenience. This helps solve problems like low-stock issues or machine breakdowns quickly.   

Easy-to-implement Services   

With vending management services, such as National Vending, it is extremely easy to install vending machines in your workplace. These services work closely with you and customize what you want to offer to employees. They also help you to keep the machines well-maintained and adequately stocked with the products you want.   

Advantageous Even for Only One Location   

Even if your business operates out of just one location, you can still benefit from vending management services. From installation and stocking, to service, the vending management experts will handle your requirements, while you focus on your core business objectives.

Comprehensive Technical Support   

Some problems can be easily fixed with an expert’s intervention. National Vending provides complete technical support, so you can solve minor issues quickly and minimize downtime.

Expert Engineers   

Our team has extensive experience working with vending machines and are industry experts. Whether software bugs or mechanical glitches, they can resolve problems quickly. They’ll also keep your machines in perfect condition with regularly scheduled maintenance, cleaning, and hygiene checks.   

Final Thoughts   

Installing vending machines in your workplace is a lot of work. A professional vending management service allows your personnel to concentrate on your core business tasks. Managed vending machines are growing in popularity daily, providing incredible workplace benefits as discussed in this articleGet in touch with National Vending by calling 866-836-3464 to discuss your vending requirements and we will be more than happy to help you. 


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