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2019 Resolutions: Make your work year a success!

by Samantha Hadden

Last year the National Vending team put together a list of seven work resolutions for 2018. This year we are back with updated resolutions for the New Year, because it’s never too early to start planning for 2019.

Break the habits

We’ve all sat through meetings where the main goal is to update an old procedure and someone pipes up to say those dreaded words “well, we’ve always done it this way.” Changing processes and procedures can be difficult for those who struggle with change, but by breaking the habits, companies can create new procedures that cut down on cost as well as time. Opening up the conversation about the way things are done can allow employees to voice their concern about how outdated a process might be, and work to develop a more concise and easy to use process. This can also open the door to more modern applications using new technology and programs.

Clear out the clutter

If your computer desktop is a mess with quickly saved items, maybe it’s time to develop an organizational system to stick to for the New Year. Since most work is done on computers, keeping your files organized in a concise system makes your day-to-day tasks so simple. Plus imagine all the time you will save when it comes to looking for a specific file. Don’t know where to start when it comes to clearing out your clutter? Bustle has a few tips to get you started.

Say Thank You!

Let’s make 2019 the year of gratitude by sending more thank you notes! Not only is saying thank you a sign of professionalism but it’s a reminder for those around you how valued they are. Start the year off by purchasing a box of thank you notes and set a reminder in your calendar once a month to write out the note. While it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes, it can have such a positive impact and can not only lift up the people around you but can put you in a good mood as well.

Think Healthy

Make positive changes to your diet by making healthier choices where you can. Start small with your changes by doing one healthy change a week, instead of stopping and getting donuts to share with the office, consider a fruit tray! Take the stairs instead of the elevator or pack a heart-friendly lunch. Ask to incorporate a healthy selection of food and beverages to your vending machine or ask if you can start a wellness group. Encourage your employees and coworkers to get involved by offering incentives.

Have a little bit of fun!

Look for ways to have fun in and outside of your office with your coworkers and employees. The work day can get a little long if it’s the same over and over, by adding in some fun activities or celebrating silly holidays like #NationalBrownieDay or #NationalCookieDay. Think about ways to have fun outside the office as well like try a cooking class or go bowling! These are all ways to get people motivated while having fun and bonding as a team. No matter how well you kept last year’s resolutions, the New Year is an opportunity to start fresh. Leave a comment down below with your favorite resolution for the New Year.


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