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2020 Resolutions: How to Make This the Best Year for Your Business!

by Samantha Hadden

We’re well into the New Year, but it’s always a good idea to think about the year ahead and how to set ourselves up for the most success. That’s where we come in! We’re ready to give you a few goals on how you can make 2020 the best year for your business!

 Prioritize your to-do list

It’s been said you should tackle the toughest items on your to-do list first, but what if that tactic doesn’t work for everyone? When it comes to productivity it’s all about understanding your priorities. The small things might take priority over the big item for a number of reasons. One of the best things you can do is write down everything that needs to get done from most important to least. The most important step is what comes next. Work on crossing things off for the next fifteen minutes, set a timer if you have to, but work consistently to cross items off your list. In most cases, it will jump-start your productivity and you’ll be on a roll, working through your list.  

Delegate, delegate, delegate

As your business grows and expands, a small list develops full of items you no longer want or need to handle yourself. This can be everything from marketing efforts to handling the day-to-day operations of your vending and refreshment program. Thankfully, there are numerous programs out there to help you with your marketing and a few more to handle things like your vending and refreshments. The question is, why not delegate those items to someone who has the knowledge and experience working within those fields? At National Vending we have a wide range of service providers who have been through our qualification system. This saves you time and in turn, can actually put money back in your business!  

Increase your community outreach

Investing in the community around your business is a great way for organizations to build relationships, boost visibility and brand awareness all while having a positive impact! Take part in community programs or enable your employees to get involved through volunteer programs.

Employee-centric possibilities

“Organizations that have focused on their culture have made great progress towards improving the work experience for employees,” says Chris Dyer, a performance expert, speaker, and author of The Power of Company Culture. He goes on to explain that every leader should resolve to dramatically improve the modern work experience so employees can do their best while loving every second of work. By keeping your employees happy and working to provide an environment that fosters positive growth and change you can see a reflection of that growth in your business. “Just as we’ve moved from the printing press to computers, we’re about to see a much quicker and more radical change in how people-centric policies and offices push business growth.”

No matter how you’ve started off the year, working towards improving your business is always a process. We hope these resolutions help you make the changes you need to for your business to grow!


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