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Are You the Right Fit for a Micro Market?

by Samantha Hadden

The world of convenience is always changing and one of the latest trends for companies across the country is the Micro Market. Also referred to as a self-checkout market, a micro market has so many benefits for your employees, but is your company, right for a micro market?

What is a micro market?

A micro market resembles a small convenience store without a cashier and allows patrons the ability to select snacks, meals, and drinks from a variety of racks and coolers. Patrons purchase items through a self-checkout touch screen kiosk. Employers like micro markets because they take up a minimum of space. Employees like micro markets because they include a wider variety of products and fresh food options like salads and sandwiches as well as traditional and healthy snack options like candy bars, chips, granola bars, and fresh fruit. The cashless kiosk allows patrons to use a prepaid market card, credit, or debit card to make purchases.

Behind the numbers

Large scale micro markets are great for locations with upwards of 200 employees and are generally installed with little to no cost to the employer.

For locations with less than 200 employees, a nano-market might be a better option. Nano-markets are great for those who want to offer fresh food and convenience but don’t have the employee count needed to support a large scale market. Nano-markets offer a smaller countertop kiosk, Ipad or even a mobile phone app for checkout and like larger scale micro markets, they allow patrons the ability to view products and read nutrition labels before purchasing.


Because micro markets are based on the honor system, there is a strong preference to install them in areas that do not have any outside, transient foot traffic. Surveillance cameras are often used to monitor the market area and discourage theft.

Healthy and Fresh

One of the biggest selling points for adding a micro market is with a wide variety of healthy and fresh selection of food they offer. A lot of clients come to us with a need for micro markets when they have:

  • few options for quick meals nearby
  • a desire for foodservice options that align with corporate wellness goals
  • employees who work overnight shifts that need meal options

Micro markets offer convenience and 24/7 access to food and eliminate the hassle and cost of a full-service cafeteria. Whatever your reason is for wanting a micro market, you can be sure the selection is fresh and full of both healthy and traditional food options to keep your employees coming back for more.

Modern and Hassle Free

A micro market can give your breakroom a modern look and can be customized to fit the space you have available. All you have to provide is electrical and Internet access for the cashless kiosk. In the end, a micro market is a hassle-free and seamless solution for companies looking to make a change to their refreshment program.

If your company is looking to add a micro market, let us know! We are happy to provide information on the many refreshment programs we have available. Reach out and a representative will be in touch with you to discuss the details of adding a micro market to your location!


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