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Charitable Donations in the Working World

by Samantha Hadden

Every year companies around the world select a charity to donate to throughout the year. Through company-wide fundraisers, end of year giving opportunities and more, corporations make up 8% of all charitable donations. Did you know your vending could play an important part in those charitable donations?

Designate where donations go

With National Vending we can designate where your vending profits go, that means you can have a portion or all of your vending sales go towards charities that are in-line with your company’s mission, or a designated charity for the year that your employees voted for. In fact, by including your employees in the decision on where the money is donated you can increase employee morale and workplace culture. Employees respect companies that care for their community and help them feel an emotional attachment to their employer.

Community impact

Charitable donations are an opportunity to give back and help make an impact in the community around you. Not to mention it’s a great way to get information about your employees and what their passions are. National Vending can work with you to create a customized survey to see where your employees would like to donate the vending funds. You might be surprised to find out a large chunk of your employees is passionate about helping the homeless. From there you can conduct volunteer outings or charitable donations that are specific to that mission.

Not only do charitable donations make your company look good, but it also helps get the word out about what you do! This is a great way to bring new clients into your program or serve more people in your community while making a positive impact. When you make an effort to change things in your community, more people will notice. It can also be added as a tax deduction for your business depending on where you live.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your vending profits can go towards a charity of your choice, reach out today and a National Vending representative will be in contact.


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