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Convenience services can make “return to work” more enticing

by Samantha Hadden

Working from Home: The Reason

The option to work from home was initially considered a privilege reserved for freelance workers. But nowadays, as COVID-19 has significantly altered the entire working model, many employees have the opportunity to work remotely or on a hybrid schedule. Working from home is a unique experience that eliminates commuting time and allows employees to save on related expenses. 

The “work from home” model offers employees greater freedom and flexibility in their workday to meet individual preferences. This enhances the ability for some staff members to focus better, resulting in fewer interruptions, increased productivity, and a better quality of work. It helps businesses lower operating costs, creates a safer working environment, and in many cases, results in a happier staff.

Many times, getting into something is easier than getting out of it. The same is true with the work-at-home model. Businesses are now removing the work-from-home option and are encouraging staff to return to the workplace or adopt a hybrid working schedule. It was challenging for companies to transition thousands of workers into remote employment at the beginning of the pandemic. But it is now proving even more difficult to lure them back to the workplace under a hybrid model. According to FlexJobs, 58% of the workforce said they would rather hunt for a new job than return to work at the office.

Working from Home: The Pros & Cons

The option of working from home has expanded the spectrum of potential business operations and organizational structures. With the coronavirus outbreak, remote working has allowed many organizations to maintain business operations while prioritizing employee health and well-being as part of their public health responsibilities. But working remotely has advantages and disadvantages, just like working from an office.


  1. Flexible schedule
  2. Save costs
  3. Zero commuting
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Relaxed environment


  1. Difficulty sticking to a routine
  2. Missing calls/emails
  3. Easy distraction
  4. Slow productivity
  5. Lack of motivation


Working from home offers numerous advantages to employees, but what is in it for business owners? Top benefits listed.

  • Improves modern employee-employer culture
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Enhances staff retention
  • Keeps staff healthy and productive
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Employees can work later into the evening
  • Maintains workload momentum 
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves operational costs substantially
  • Employee safety is easily maintained

How to inspire employees to return to the office?

A productive and happy workplace is important to the health of employees and the company. Offering new amenities, and convenience services are helpful tools businesses are using to create productive and welcoming environments for employees returning to the office.

Back to the office should be both a responsibility and a ‘delight.’ The working environment must promote creativity and teamwork while increasing productivity and reducing stress. There should be more places for socializing as well as more areas for privacy. Businesses must embrace flexible workplace options as a strategy to boost employee morale and promote work-life balance. 

Healthy snacks are in demand from businesses throughout the country as offices reopen. Convenience services through Micro markets and vending machines – a healthy initiative is transforming the landscape of corporate cafeterias and break rooms in supplying safe, sanitary, and fresh foods to employees without the need for human interaction in the wake of a post-pandemic era.

Micro markets make staff members feel at home

Shift employees get about 30 minutes for lunch, making it difficult for them to ‘go and get food,’ let alone have time to eat it before returning to work. Meal alternatives available on-site will benefit employees who must come early or stay late. At restaurants, coffee shops, and other food outlets, long waits, social distance protocols, and other delays prolong workers’ time away from their desks or offices. This is when micro markets or customized vending machines strategically placed across the office might come in handy.

Convenient, contactless, healthy snack options made easy: National vending

Most organizations cannot afford substantial dining rooms or restaurant-style food service facilities with professional kitchens. A better option would be Micro markets that offer employees a broad range of nutritious, grab and go items. Micro markets can be installed effortlessly in the space designated for breaks and the cafeteria. Give your staff the best selection and convenience, with completely contactless food alternatives, by setting up micro markets at your workplace. 

When a variety of snacks and drinks are made available for employees at work, they are more nourished, have more energy and have a better attitude. Your staff can take a break to refuel and rejuvenate without having to leave the office. Researching a complete food service program for your staff may be something you may not want to invest time and money in. National Vending offers customized healthy vending, refreshment, and food service solutions to meet your corporate wellness objectives. National Vending will take care of all your vending needs so you can continue to focus on other important business activities. Rest assured that this approach will undoubtedly make returning to the office more exciting for your employees.

Extending the range and alternatives of food and beverages offered at work might be the appropriate solution if your company has been searching for ways to improve working conditions and add rewards for returning staff. The time is perfect to use unattended intelligent retail vending and micro marketplaces to include food and snacks as a perk at work. If your business expects its remote employees to return to work with a more positive attitude, select a new corporate dining option or revamp your break room, and they will feel right at home.
Experts at National Vending are ready to help you with corporate refreshment programs and answer questions about micro markets. Call us today at (800) 816-9102!


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