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How Branded Machines Can Make a Big Impact

by Samantha Hadden

Vending machines are the perfect opportunity to promote your brand while keeping your employees and customers refreshed. A branded vending solution will create interest and engagement in your machines. Adding a branding package is a breeze when working with a vending management company. A branded machine with a graphics wrap not only looks nice but can be eye-catching to potential customers and make a lasting impression. Below we list a few more reasons branded vending machines can make a big impact!

Promote healthy options:

If you work in a corporate setting with wellness goals and health initiatives, take advantage of the opportunity to promote better choices with a brand or graphics package that goes hand-in-hand with your goals. Not only can this help draw more employees in but if the vending machine is located in a public setting it can be beneficial for other customers as well.

Consistent branding:

Choose a theme that stands out but is still in line with your company look. Branded vending machines get your company name out in the open and can be a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind. Take a look at the two examples below and leave a comment telling us which one looks better.

Branded Vending Machine, Branded Machine, Vending Machine            Branded Vending Machine, Branded Machine, Vending Machine

Cohesive office environment:

Did your office just overhaul their public space? Do your vending machines need a fresh look? No worries, branded vending machines are great ways to take make your vending machines look like new. Branded vending machines are a great way to keep the colors cohesive and consistent while adding a little fun to the breakroom.


If your vending machines are in a public space, not only will you be able to promote your company logo and design but you will also be able to spark more interest in people passing by looking for a treat. Branded vending machines tend to draw more people to the machine because of their bright colors and clean look.

Not sure how to go about upgrading your vending machine with a branded graphics package? With the help of a vending management company, you can ensure the whole process is smooth and seamless!


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