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How To Get Your Employees Excited For The Holidays

by Samantha Hadden

The holidays can be a stressful time, between purchasing the perfect presents to wrapping up deadlines before the New Year. It’s no wonder your employees can have a difficult time getting into the spirit of the season. We’ve got some fun tips to get your employees excited for the holidays.

Did someone say Hot Cocoa?

If your office has a coffee bar full of different coffee and teas, consider adding some packets of hot cocoa with a supply of marshmallows to get your employees in the spirit. If your office doesn’t have a coffee bar, host a hot cocoa party! Encourage employees to bring a variety or toppings like caramel, whip cream, sprinkles, and crushed up candy canes for a little holiday shindig. Don’t forget the holiday music!

Deck those halls!

A recent study showed the earlier Christmas decorations are hung up, the happier people are. Spread the holiday cheer by adding a Christmas tree to your office. Allow employees to help with the decorating and encourage them to add festivities to their cubicle or desk space. Some companies host a cubicle decorating contest which can be a fun way for employees to let their creativity fly.

Switch up the music.

If your company has a radio system in the office, ask if you could switch over to holiday music a week or two before Christmas to help bring in a little office cheer. Be sure not to make the switch too early, otherwise it might cause a reverse effect. Listening to holiday music can bring back wistful memories of your childhood, helping you feel festive and happy.

Host a gift exchange.

If your office hosts a present exchange, try switching it up. Did the secret Santa thing last year? Consider a white elephant exchange or have everyone pitch in for the saran wrap ball game to really get people excited! Try something different every year or so to keep your employees interested.

Take time away from the office.

Nothing recharges your employees and can get them into the holiday spirit like time out of the office. Consider taking the fun out of the office and to a local restaurant to show your appreciation and get everyone feeling festive.

Looking Festive.

Ask your employees to wear their favorite holiday attire, whether they have a holiday suit or an ugly sweater. Encourage people to think outside the box on their outfit by offering a reward to the most festive outfit for the day. No matter what your office does to celebrate the holidays, getting everyone on board can help boost morale and bring your employees together. Does your office do something fun and different for the holidays? Drop a comment describing your favorite office holiday tradition.


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