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How Vending Can Help Keep Your Employees Safe at Work

by Samantha Hadden

With Covid-19 disrupting workplaces across the country, keeping employees safe is one of the biggest challenges companies are facing on a day-to-day basis. While we hope things will go back to normal we also understand that there will be a new version of normal for workplaces moving forward. We’ve gone ahead and highlighted ways companies can help keep their employees safe at work.

Vendible Protective Equipment

Businesses across the country that handle the public are enforcing policies that require employees and patrons to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks to help prevent the spread of germs. By adding a vending machine, employees can vend a mask at the beginning of a shift to help keep them safe. Vending machines can also help minimize the potential of employees taking more masks than they need. If your business is requiring the public to wear a mask, consider adding a vending machine for the public to vend a protective mask.

Social Distancing

If your company is allowing employees to come back to work consider how you can enforce social distancing policies. What does that look like at your company? Is it by having only a handful of employees in place at a time? Does it look like requiring employees to wear masks or other personal protective equipment? Look for simple ways to eliminate the spread of germs.

Work With Trusted Partners

Does your location have crews that come in to clean each night? What about your vending and refreshment machines, consider asking what they are doing to help minimize the spread of germs? Are they requiring employees to wear personal protective equipment? Is there an increased service schedule? Understanding how your service partners are preventing the spread of germs can ensure you’re keeping your employees and patrons safe.

No matter what you’re doing to keep your employees safe, we can work with you to find a solution that works. If that means a contactless refreshment solution or ability to vend protective equipment, we can help.


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