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Increase Convenience for Your Employees with Micro Markets

by Samantha Hadden

In this blog, we will deal with an essential aspect of improving employee convenience and workplace morale by utilizing micro markets in your on-site refreshment program. People spend most of their day at work and are often too busy to leave the workplace to buy a meal. Making quality food choices available to them at their workplace is an innovative way to make the lives of your employees easier.

Micro markets in the workplace are a rising trend. Employers and vending operators have noticed that employees seek more substantial food items. Micro markets are radically changing the at-work channel marketplace, opening up exciting options to boost revenue while increasing employee satisfaction.

How Micro Markets Increase Convenience for Employees

Micro Markets Offer a Lot More Variety

For employers, micro markets offer the opportunity to provide fresher, healthier food choices and transform the traditional breakroom. Besides, employers can meet more diverse dietary needs and provide non-food items. This perk saves employers from investing in a cafeteria and employees from leaving to buy food. Micro markets make fresh warm food more accessible to 24/7 workplaces.

Micro Markets Increase Workplace Satisfaction

Creating a micro market shows that organizations care about their employees and facilitates a productive environment and work-life balance. Workplaces with micro markets are known to improve customer satisfaction, and having one invites top talent. 

Micro Markets Support Work-life Balance in Fast-paced Workplaces

Work-life balance is conducive to many fast-paced workplaces where employees want to grab meals quickly. Micro markets are perfect for this pace since they feature cashless payments and self-service, which speed up sales, making for a superior customer experience. 

Prepaid Acceptance and Employee Cards 

Micro markets are highly suitable for workplaces because they accept prepaid payments, and employees don’t need to bring their wallets to buy snacks. Employees can receive preloaded credit on post-payment or employee cards. Employees can also pay with mobile phones. In addition, customer engagement capabilities improve the customer experience and gift employees digital punch cards or staff discounts.

Higher Average Spending and Better ROI  

According to., using micro markets can increase sales by about 80%. You can sell more food products with micro markets, offering more profit opportunities. Micro markets are being introduced in more locations and are lucrative. It was predicted that by 2022, there would be 39,000 micro-market locations in the United States of America (based on a report by Automatic Merchandiser).

Vending operators who use micro markets have about a 4% increased revenue growth and 18% more daily visits. The industry is shifting towards micro markets. 

Workplace Micro Markets Provide Complete Meal Options

In the past, breakrooms typically only contained vending machines for beverages and snacks. The micro market revolutionizes this trend with new technologies such as single door refrigeration systems, cashless payment systems, and surveillance of a micro market store environment. These technologies combine substantial meal items with beverages and snacks to create a complete meal solution with the same payment technologies you can find in today’s grocery stores.

Micro Markets Use Modern and Aesthetic Technologies

Micro markets have a more modernized design than traditional breakrooms. Conventional breakrooms tend to have cramped spaces and fewer chairs and tables. Unlike this, micro markets are spacious, well-lit, open, and feature a modern aesthetic. 

Micro Markets Increase Employee Well-being and Job Satisfaction

Utilizing a micro market in a workplace can significantly impact employees’ productivity and overall happiness. Micro markets enable employees to escape from their cubicles or office in a better way than a traditional breakroom. Alongside this, micro markets ease the stress of going out to find a healthy and substantial meal while at work.

This results in more time for employees to unwind and eat during their break rather than driving to find something to eat. In addition, the aesthetic of micro markets is more pleasant and relaxing while also giving employees a chance to converse and develop better workplace relationships. For the above reasons, micro markets create a positive shift in many workplaces. 

ClosingAt National Vending, we provide you with seamless vending, refreshment, and food service operations. We work with you to deliver a solution that fulfills your micro market requirements with healthy options to fit your corporate’s wellness goals. Click here to learn more about our services.


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