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Is the World of Vending Taking Over?

by Samantha Hadden

Unattended retail is on the rise thanks to changes in retail kiosks, vending machines, and improvements in technology. The world of vending machines is taking over. Vending machines give customers the chance to interact with merchants more quickly without wasting time standing in a long line or dealing with slow-moving employees.


The research found by USA Technologies concludes that the interactive kiosk industry market will be worth $1.073 billion in the next decade. What about the growth of the market from previous years? That comes in at a shocking number; the industry has grown from $533.37 million in 2013 to $716.97 million in 2016.

Retail Options

Over the past year, more vending options are taking over. What kind of retail can we expect to see in these new kiosks and vending machines? Everything from luxuries like the beautiful Marla Aaron carbine lock pendants jewelry, to necessities like groceries and medicine to personal care products for the homeless. The rise of self-serve options is getting a swift kick into the future. The opening of the new Amazon Go Store has increased in popularity. Food and beverage kiosks have become the most common kind of kiosks in the U.S. Accounting for a combined 35 percent of machines in the field as of 2016. The industry has seen an increase in clothing retail and vehicle-charging kiosks as well.

All of these new developments mean we are on the road to a completely different retail experience. Unattended kiosks and markets allow for a speedier shopping experience. Vending machines can also reach more consumers in venues brick and mortar stores simply can’t. With technology advancing, capabilities such as remote machine monitoring, interactive touchscreens, identity verification are becoming more affordable. The growth of this industry can and will expand beyond what is typically sold in vending machines.


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