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The Nano Refreshment Solution

by Samantha Hadden

National Vending works with a variety of locations across the country but one niche that struggles to find vending or paid refreshment services in offices with less than 100 employees. As the need for vending and refreshment services increases, so do solutions for these smaller offices. We’ve outlined the Nano Market solution for offices with less than 100 employees.

What is a Nano market?

A Nano market is a great alternative to traditional vending for locations looking to switch up the way their products are offered to employees. The ideal location would have somewhere between 75 – 150 employees that are looking for fresh food, snack and beverage options. The Nano market is a tablet-based sales system with open shelving and coolers allowing employees to pick up items and view nutritional information before purchasing. Similar to a traditional micro market but on a smaller scale; the Nano market requires the following items before moving forward:

  • Secure location – Since the Nano market features open shelves and coolers a secure location is required to prevent theft issues.
  • Dedicated space – An ideal location would be able to fit one rack, one cooler and potentially a coffee station.
  • Tech capable employees – Integrating a Nano market can be a big change for employees, ensure they understand the technology by implementing training so they are comfortable using the equipment on a day-to-day basis.

Nano markets are ideal for locations that are looking to bring fresh food solutions and snacks to employees. If your business is looking to add a refreshment selection, get in touch! We’re happy to help bring quality solutions to your business.


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