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New Product Alert: Fresh Cheese Curds and Organic Milk

by Samantha Hadden

Including a variety of products in your refreshment program can keep employees coming back for more, especially when you add new products like fresh cheese curds and organic milk. We were able to try some fresh curds and organic milk from Kalona Creamery in Kalona, Iowa and we think they would make a perfect addition to any refreshment program.

Breaking the tradition

When most people think of traditional refreshment programs they instantly think of candy, chips, and soda, but what about adding a product like cheese curds or chocolate milk to your refreshment program?

Variety of flavor

The Kalona Creamery offers a variety of curd flavors in 5 oz. packages which are perfect for a micro market or vending machine. The National Vending team was able to sample a few of the cheese curd flavors and we are happy to report you can’t go wrong with whatever flavor you pick. The standard white cheddar curds are a classic and offer the traditional salty and creamy flavor you would expect. While the Bacon Ranch Cheddar has a smokey bacon flavor you won’t be able to get enough of, the cheese curds are bursting with flavor. In the office, the crowd favorite ended up being the Salsa cheddar curds, which tasted like they were infused with salsa and offered a just the right amount of flavor with a spicy after taste that makes you wanting more.

Cheese Curds with bottle of Organic Whole Chocolate milk.

Got milk?

We also had the opportunity to try the Kalona Super Natural Organic Whole Chocolate Milk and were impressed with how creamy and thick the milk was. It reminded us of melted chocolate ice cream and was so rich and full of flavor, one cup is enough of a treat.

Adding different products to your refreshment program can keep your employees interested and can expand your customer base. These all can, in turn, have a positive effect on your vending machine sales. If you switch up your vending, consider talking with a vending management company that can take the hassle out of updating your program.  


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