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New Product Alert: You Love Fruit, a Company Favorite

by Samantha Hadden

Healthy vending is on the rise.  Employers are looking for alternatives for vending machines. Fruit snacks are popular in vending machines but are packed full of sugar and can be made with artificial fruit juices. We decided to go on the hunt for new products that are healthier alternatives to traditional vending snacks. That’s when we came across You Love Fruit.

A healthy alternative for traditional fruit snacks, You Love Fruit is packed full of fruits and in some flavors – there are veggies! Each packet is a single serving, with 90 to 100 calories of goodness. These organic, gluten-free, kosher and GMO-free products are peel-able, portable and easy to enjoy. We decided to see how the National Vending team felt about the healthy alternative and many were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the flavors were. The You Love Fruit website boasts 11 flavors and we had a few favorites we wanted to share.

Coming in as a group favorite was the Island Coconut; The subtle hint of coconut was the perfect complement to the organic mango and pineapple flavors. Another favorite was the surprising Spinach and Kale. The team thought this would be a salad in fruit leather form but was intrigued by the added flavors of kiwi, pineapple, banana, and mango; they said you couldn’t even taste the veggies! Last but not least, was the simply mango, a favorite because it was packed full of mango flavor. The simply mango was a hit, with many people going back for seconds to try it again.

A few other favorites that made the list included apple cinnamon, cherry mango, and tart peach. This simple snack is great if you are looking for a healthy alternative while on the go.


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