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New Vending Products We Are Loving and so Will You

by Samantha Hadden

Spring is here and we are refreshing our favorites and trying new products at National Vending. Take a look at some of our new vending products we are loving and so will you.

Cold Beverage Favorites

We all love a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning but sometimes an iced cold coffee is more refreshing, especially as the seasons change and it gets a little bit warmer outside. Right now we love the vanilla draft latte from La Colombe Coffee Roasters. Full of flavor and rich vanilla texture, we can’t get enough of this cold brew latte. Around lunch time is when we typically make the switch to something carbonated and lately we’ve been gravitating towards Bubly Sparkling water. After trying all the initial flavors and falling in love, we can’t wait to get our hands on the four new flavors they just released. These crisp and fresh tasting sparkling waters leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the afternoon. A new twist on the classic Coca-Cola has us feeling a hint of orange in the best way possible. Orange vanilla and orange vanilla zero are fresh on the scene. This drink gives us the perfect creamsicle flavor that reminds us of summer. So the next time you’re working away on that report, consider trying a new beverage and let us know what you think.

Snack favorites

You can’t go wrong with some fresh popped popcorn in the afternoon, which is why we go for BoomChickaPop Popcorn! Whether your office has it ready-to-eat or available to microwave yourself, these low calorie options will fill you up and keep you going all afternoon. When you want the crunch of a chip without the calories, The Better Chip can solve your afternoon itch. These chips are packed with flavor, have only 140 calories and pair perfectly with a variety of dips. We especially love the Jalapeño flavor. Speaking of chips, the perfect companion is the Sabra single packs of hummus with pretzels. Convenience is key and we go for these handy little packs when we need something to fill us up. When we want a protein bar that’s packed full of flavor without a bunch of other stuff added in, we really like the RX Bars because they don’t have a lot of complicated ingredients and offer a variety of flavors.

Let us know if you think there is a new treat we should consider trying out! We love suggestions and you can leave one by dropping a comment down below or send us a message to find out how we can help refresh your vending products.


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