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The Benefits of Tea and Why You Should Provide It At work

by Samantha Hadden

When most people are looking for a warm drink that gives them a boost of energy, they think of a hot cup of coffee, but what about tea? Adding tea to your employee refreshment selections can be a great benefit because it offers a healthier alternative to carbonated beverages and can work well with your corporate wellness goals.

The Tea Industry is Growing

The most popular beverage behind water, with $49.46 billion in 2017 sales, the global tea market is expected to reach $73.13 billion by 2024. With more people drinking tea, maybe it’s time your office considers adding a selection to your refreshment program?

What About the Health Benefits?

Packed full of antioxidants, green tea may help prevent the growth of abnormal cells, help the body process certain sugars, prevent swelling and may improve bone mineral density and strength. Tea can also help keep you hydrated and may be helpful for those looking to lose weight. One study suggests regular consumption of hot tea can help your metabolism and boost exercise endurance.

What kind of tea should you offer?

Ask your employees how they like their tea. Hot teas have more flavors and can be used to replace a hot cup of coffee. While iced teas typically have more sweeteners in it, they can be a refreshing choice for a hot summer day. Tea that is too hot can also be detrimental to your health. As long as you refrain from a burning hot cup of tea, you should be fine. Start with refreshing flavors like a simple peppermint or green tea with lemon, if your employees like something with more flavor, consider Twinings green pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry. If you’re looking for an iced tea that is full of flavor, you can’t go wrong with Gold Peak Iced tea.

No matter what kind of tea you want to bring to your office, National Vending can find the right fit for your employees. We can work with your existing vending companies by placing multiple locations under one contract and implement an upgraded refreshment program. Looking for more information on how to get started and add more refreshing options to your location? Speak to a National Vending representative today.


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