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Why Cold Brew Coffee is the Best Drink for Summer

by Samantha Hadden

As the weather begins to warm up people are trading in their warm lattes for refreshing cold brews to jump-start their day. Cold brew coffee has less acidic content and more flavor profiles, making it a treat for coffee lovers around the world. It may also help improve cholesterol. Not sure if you’re ready to give cold brew coffee a try? We’ve listed out some facts about cold brew coffee that could change your mind.

Less Extras

Cold brew coffee has more of a flavor profile than traditional coffee because the steeping process can be done without hot water. In traditional coffee, the hot water pulls out acidic flavors which can make the coffee taste completely different than cold brew. Since cold brew has about 67% less acidity than hot-brewed beverages, it can taste sweeter without all the calories. Pair it with a splash of milk or flavored syrup for the ultimate sweet treat on hot afternoons.

Easy to Brew

You won’t need fancy equipment to make a great tasting cold brew but there are plenty of gadgets out there to help you brew your first cup. All you need is a pitcher and something to strain out the grounds. Start by mixing one cup of coarsely ground beans with four cups of cold or room temperature water, give it a stir and let sit in the fridge for about 12 hours. Once you’ve let your drink sit, strain out the coffee grounds and pour over ice with your favorite flavoring. Don’t want your special brew to be watered down by ice cubes? Try freezing an ice cube tray of your cold brew and plop those in for a refreshing drink.

Ready to go

Not sure you want to brew a whole batch of cold brew when you’ve never tried it? No worries, you can purchase a can and give it a taste test before making the switch.  You can also talk with your vending provider to discuss adding a cold brew selection to your micro market or vending machine. We’ve seen favorites like the High Brew Black & Bold, Chameleon Cold Brew, or the La Colombe Pure Black Cold Brew Coffee. Don’t forget you can also add a flavored creamer or syrup to your cold brew for a smoother flavor.

It can be difficult to break out of our normal coffee routine, but cold brew could be just the change you need for a refreshing summer treat. If you’re looking to add a cold brew option to your refreshment program, consider reaching out to National Vending.


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