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Why Finding the Right Vending Operator is Important

by Samantha Hadden

Looking for a new vending company to provide refreshment services, can be confusing to know what questions to ask or how to qualify someone for the job. Hiring a vendor might not seem like a big deal, if critical questions go unanswered it could mean a bigger liability problem for your company. Working with a vending management company means you don’t have to worry about answering the big questions, we handle that for you. We’ve outlined why finding the right vending operator is important for your business.

What is Covered?

Today’s vending machines are pretty sturdy, but what happens if a machine gets knocked over and hurts an employee or customer? Can you ensure your vendor has insurance to cover bodily injury? How about if the vendor is moving his machines in or out of your location and they damage something in your building? These might seem like worst case scenario situations what happens if you select a vendor that doesn’t have these basics covered, it makes you wonder, what else are they skimping on?

Are Your Vendors Qualified?

Our service partners are prequalified, offer prompt service, fresh products, and have service-oriented route drivers. National Vending’s service partners are required to submit a certificate of insurance, a state license to operate and a few other critical documents to ensure they are ready to service your facility. At National Vending, we ask the tough questions and qualify vending service providers for all your locations. which means you can be sure your company is covered if something were to happen.

Can You Customize It?

Does the vendor have customizable selections? More companies are looking for a variety of coffee, snack and other refreshment selections for their employees, yet they don’t know what their vendor can provide. Want to make sure your vending machines selections align with corporate wellness goals? We can work with you and the vendor to establish a healthy program that fits into your corporate wellness goals.

Refresh, Recharge, Relax

How many vending machines do you need? Are your vending machines ADA compliant? What technology options are there? Will the products be priced competitively? What are the most popular products? What about commissions? Working with a management company like National Vending means you and your staff can spend more time working on core business activities. Refresh, Recharge, Relax, We’ve got you covered. 


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