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Why Your Vending Needs an Upgrade

by Samantha Hadden

The world of vending and refreshments has gone through numerous upgrades during the past couple of years; transforming from a box filled with sweet treats to full-on mini markets with products ranging from fresh food to a selection of sparkling waters that would keep sparkling water fans coming back for more. If your office is stuck with a traditional vending machine that hasn’t upgraded its selection in years, we’ve got a few reasons why you should consider making the upgrade.

The Atmosphere at Work is Changing

Offices across the country are switching up their breakrooms to offer an easygoing atmosphere and, in most cases, their refreshment program reflects that. From kegs of cold brew to kegs of beer, offices can incorporate a variety of beverages that keep employees going from morning to night. After work happy hours don’t have to take place at the local bar, instead, offices encourage employees to mingle on-site with a selection of cold beers straight from the office tap. All in all, the atmosphere at most works has really become more relaxed. Employers know that employees can get their work done all while having fun.

The look of vending has changed

A lot of offices are also undergoing changes in their floor plans and how they look. Gone are the days of hiding the vending machine in a backroom or in the basement. People want their vending to stand out so more employees are inclined to purchase items. A micro market is incorporated into the look and feel of an office and can breathe new life into a refreshment program.  Upgrading your vending to something new or adding a micro-market is a great way to encourage employees to purchase items on a regular basis.

The employee needs are evolving

In the past offices could get away with a vending machine full of sugary treats to help keep employees through their afternoon slump but most employees are looking for something different. With a rise in healthy eating trends, employees want their office snacks to match their healthy eating habits. Running to the office micro-market or pantry and grabbing a small portion of health-conscious snacks is key to keeping employees on-site and productive. Making this upgrade can keep employees happy and on target with health goals which in turn can be great for your company wellness program!

How National Vending can help

When it comes to your vending we understand it’s probably the last thing on your mind, for National Vending, it’s the first thing on ours. We specialize in sourcing vending for locations all across the country and can make it our priority to upgrade your vending program. So give us a call today and a representative will reach out to discuss upgrading your vending.

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